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About the Book

This book provides a comprehensive analysis of the legal and regulatory framework on cybercrime in Nigeria in the light of regional and international instruments. It surveys the cybercrime- investigative framework in Nigeria against the backdrop of the law and practice in the United Kingdom. Specifically, it pays due attention to the judicial treatments of cybercrime in the Nigerian space; and the definitional, criminalisation, and multiplicity dilemma of Nigerian cybercrime legislation. It also unwraps the issues and prospects for regulating cybercrime in Nigeria. Drawing on diverse enactments governing cybercrime from across the globe, the book offers lessons on collecting and preserving digital evidence, prosecuting cybercrime, harmonising legislation, enforcement, and reviewing existing cyber legislation. Overall, the book aids readers in apprehending the legal aspect of cybersecurity. Clear, concise and critical, this book is designed for stakeholders, law and policy makers, enforcers, judges, legal practitioners, academics, researchers, students and members of the public interested in cybercrime and related matters.

Book Review

‘This book is an intellectual work of great genius – an attribute on display in the title; context; prose; lucidity of style; the breadth and contents; range and diversity of this scintillating book that would catapult its authorship to eminence in due course. I commend it to all superior court Justices; Judges; Professors of Law, other law teachers and their students; Learned Senior Advocates of Nigeria; Prosecutors; Law and Policy Makers’. Chima Centus Nweze, PhD Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria; Life Bencher; FCIArb

‘Dr Ifeoma E. Nwafor inspires us with her intellect, passion, and energy, as shown in the book “Cybercrime and The Law: Issues and Developments in Nigeria.” The book provides a valuable resource for researchers, lawyers, and policymakers. Ifeoma ably explores the approaches, issues and developments of cyber laws and policies in Nigeria and skillfully adds the context of Pan-African and international instruments. She provides an insightful analysis of the cybercrime investigative framework in Nigeria and suggests ways to enhance these frameworks. “Cybercrime and the Law: Issues and Developments in Nigeria” is a must-read for anyone interested in cybercrime and related matters in Nigeria.’ Abdul-Hakeem Ajijola Chair, African Union Cybersecurity Expert Group, Addis Ababa

‘Dr Nwafor’s book is a must-read for anyone seeking to familiarize themselves with Nigeria’s efforts to confront cybercrime. It includes a comprehensive overview of Nigeria’s policies governing cybercrime, cogently explained concepts that demystify a technically complex topic, and practical, forward-looking recommendations. Dr Nwafor makes clear the steps Nigeria needs to take to harmonise legislation, increase capacity to collect digital evidence, and improve international cooperation to address one of the world’s most rapidly growing threats.’ Nate D.F Allen Assistant Professor for Security Studies, African Centre for Strategic Studies, National Defense University, USA

About the Author

DR IFEOMA E. NWAFOR is a lecturer in law at the Faculty of Law, Godfrey Okoye University, Nigeria and a European Union Erasmus+ Scholar at Cologne University of Applied Sciences (TH Köln), Germany. She is the Principal Partner at IEN Legal Associates, an Internet Technology (IT) and Arbitration law firm. Dr Nwafor holds a PhD in Cyber/ IT Law from the University of Nigeria. Specializing in a relatively new field in Africa has gained her international and regional recognition.